Hello, Cape Town

‘I compare myself to silk. People mistake silk to be weak but a silk handkerchief can protect the wearer from a gunshot.’ – C Joybell C

In a last minute move to the city of Cape Town, I have joined 2nd Take luxury brand secondhand retailer as a content writer. A part of the digital media production team, I will be overseeing the creation and curating of copy inclusive of SEO and PPC. The role comes after the work I did with Minna Tau Fashion House.

It goes without saying that Cape Town is a different market compared to Ladysmith or even the city of Durban and it comes with it’s own unique set of challenges and opportunities, a particular environment for a particular skillset and with projections, research and goals it is set out to be a beneficial change for me and what I do.

Candid Stunner 3
In Cape Town borrowing some new life confidence from this tangerine silk blouse

Everything I’m wearing is thrifted from a second-hand high-end fashion store hosting luxury brands like Tom Ford, DVF,Coach, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, Guess, Versace, GAP and more. Total cost for the outfit, including over-sized blazer summed up to just a little over R2000.

Nona Zuri collaborations with various Cape Town talent.


Creative direction & Location Scouting: Nona Zuri
Styling: La-eeqah Adams
Photography: Luzuko Arosi

CLICK on the images below to shop a similar look / Gain inspiration for your next thrift-shopping spree :

Find NA-KD Women's fashion online at Nona Zuri spirited fashion and lifestyle blog
NA-KD Women’s Pink Oversized Blazer (Polyester) via LYST.com – R373.57 (ON SALE 70% OFF!!)
Tom Ford silk charmeause is perfect for layering with oversized outerwear in Autumn. Style you will die for at Nona Zuri
TOM FORD Silk Charmeuse Blouse in black on net-a-porter via LYST.com – R11, 123.33
Stylish mini skirts available on Revolve.com - Get the look with Nona Zuri image consulting
FLYNN SKYE IT Skirt in the colour Ash Stripe available at Revolve.com via LYST.com – R2,079.59
Shop Max Mara online - learn about second-hand luxury clothing shopping for less at Nona Zuri
MAX MARA Black Oversized-fit Blazer from Farfetch.com via LYST.com – R10 293.84

Published by Nona Zuri

Life is a pretty long journey and I've found that telling our stories helps us remember why it's all worth it. I was born in Durban & have been blessed enough to live in a variety of South African towns and cities. & to travel abroad to places where some of my favourite stories were based. In my spare time you can find me horse riding, hosting brunches or dinner, baking or enjoying rose on a vineyard.

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